New vocab (08/03-08/10/2012)


tiong tombs
hae mee prawn noodles
char mee fried noodles
mee hoon wheat


bahru new
Singapura/सिंहपुर Singapore, lion city


紧急 jǐnjí urgent/emergency
讯号/信号 xùnhào/xìnhào signal
优等 yōuděng first-rate / top quality
酱油 jiàngyóu soy sauce
口粮 kǒuliáng ration
互动 hùdòng interactive
前夕 qiánxī eve / the day before
法院 fǎyuàn court of law
组装 zǔzhuāng to assemble and install
作秀 zuòxiù to show off (loanword, from English “show”)
留意 liúyì to take care / mindful
数字化 shùzìhuà to digitalize / digital (lit. to make into numbers)
货币 huòbì currency
象征 xiàngzhēng symbol
戛然而止 jiárán’érzhǐ to roll to a grinding halt (idiom)
支付方式 zhīfùfāngshì payment method
怀疑 huáiyí [to] doubt / to suspect / skeptical
拌面 bànmiàn lo mein, noodles served with soy sauce etc
板麵 bǎnmiàn board/block noodle dish, often in soup
叙利亚 Xùlìyà Syria
埃及 Āijí Egypt
伊朗 Yīlǎng Iran
伊斯兰 Yīsīlán Islam
莫斯科 Mòsīkē Moscow
俄罗斯 Éluósī Russia
阿富汗 Āfùhàn Afghanistan / Afghan
利比亚 Lìbǐyà Libya
联合国 Liánhéguó United Nations
欧盟 Ōuméng European Union / EU
欧元 Ōuyuán Euro (currency)
胡锦涛 Hú Jǐntāo Hu Jintao (1942-), President of PRC from 2003
温家宝 Wēn Jiā Bǎo Wen Jiabao (1942-), Premier of PRC from 2003


Peranakan Chinese / Baba-Nyonya descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to the Indonesian archipelago of Nusantara during the Colonial era
Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles British statesman, founder of British Singapore in 1819

Recently acquired Chinese vocabulary (01/10-1/30/2012)

Another installment of technical-ish Chinese vocab!

黑客 = hacker
创客 = maker
项目 = project
爱好者 = enthusiast
创新 = innovation
思维 = way of thinking
3D打印机 = 3D printer
四旋翼飞行器 = quadcopter
重复造轮子 = reinventing the wheel
攻击 = to attack / an attack (as used with DOS攻击)
纳税人 = taxpayer
所得税 = income tax
培训 = to train / training
推荐 = to recommend / recommendation
视频 = video
汇率 = exchange rate
投影仪 = projector
域名 = domain name
翻墙啊 = to climb over a wall / figuratively, to breach the Great Firewall of China
设置 = to install / set up (software)

Recently acquired Chinese vocabulary (12/20/2011-1/09/2012)

Let’s learn [technical-ish] Chinese vocabulary together, brought to you by my recent Asiatrip and the Chinese parallel internet universe! Technical Chinese is something completely lacking from undergrad Chinese classes at MIT.

创客空间 = makerspace
发自我的 iPhone = Sent from my iPhone
工程 = engineering
机械 = mechanical (a field of study, +工程 to form mechanical engineering)
计算机科学 = computer science (field of study)
软件/软体 = software (a field of study, +工程 to form software engineering)
电子元器件 = electrical component(s)
取消 = to cancel (a meeting, a web form, etc.)
评论 = to comment, comment (on a post, etc.)
退而求其次 = to settle for second best / the next best thing
行不通 = won’t work / won’t get (you) anywhere
电压 = voltage


I learn Chinese using a mix of MDBG and Google Translate. Please suggest better tools if you know of any!