Recently acquired Chinese vocabulary (12/20/2011-1/09/2012)

Let’s learn [technical-ish] Chinese vocabulary together, brought to you by my recent Asiatrip and the Chinese parallel internet universe! Technical Chinese is something completely lacking from undergrad Chinese classes at MIT.

创客空间 = makerspace
发自我的 iPhone = Sent from my iPhone
工程 = engineering
机械 = mechanical (a field of study, +工程 to form mechanical engineering)
计算机科学 = computer science (field of study)
软件/软体 = software (a field of study, +工程 to form software engineering)
电子元器件 = electrical component(s)
取消 = to cancel (a meeting, a web form, etc.)
评论 = to comment, comment (on a post, etc.)
退而求其次 = to settle for second best / the next best thing
行不通 = won’t work / won’t get (you) anywhere
电压 = voltage


I learn Chinese using a mix of MDBG and Google Translate. Please suggest better tools if you know of any!

One thought on “Recently acquired Chinese vocabulary (12/20/2011-1/09/2012)

  1. MDBG is definitely one of the greater tools out there. It has translations for famous names, and *even*, my personal favorite, translations of the houses in Harry Potter and words like “Muggle” and “Hogwarts”. 🙂

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