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Following UC Berkeley PATH’s automated highway project of 1997, recent decades have seen a tremendous amount of progress in automating transportation. Tech giants, ride hailing services, and car manufacturers alike are jumping in on the scene. But why is traffic still a problem? This article is a synthesis of the progress and the challenges to come: improving safety, energy efficiency, and ease of use of transportation systems.
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This general-audience magazine article is the culmination of a summer reading group on the societal implications of technology, with an emphasis on the role and responsibility of researchers in science and engineering. With this article we pose many questions and answer very few, with the goal of sparking and sustaining a conversation among researchers on our role moving forward.
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Agency 2016-12-07 You can change the world. You are powerful. You are a critical thinker. You ask questions. You solve problems. It is your choice. Agency. You have it.

Take a stand 2016-07-30 Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Race against yourself 2016-07-24 Growing up, my dad always told us to not compare ourselves against others. You have everything it takes to be a better you.

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Uber fires Anthony Levandowski amid self-driving tech lawsuit with Waymo 2017-05-30 Uber on Tuesday announced the immediate firing of Anthony Levandowski, one of the leaders of its self-driving car efforts, amid a lawsuit accusing it of using data allegedly stolen from Alphabet’s Waymo unit. Levandowski has remained silent, refusing to cooperate with either Uber or a federal judge, choosing instead to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights. Apple’s own ...

Californians are paying billions for power they don’t need (Los Angeles Times) 2017-02-06 This is a consequence of long lead times for infrastructure projects, overshoot, and the difficulty of predicting the future. The over-abundance of electricity can be traced to poorly designed deregulation of the industry, which set the stage for blackouts during the energy crisis of 2000-2001. … No longer able to produce as much of their own electricity, they ...

Optimizing the news feed – The sideways view 2016-12-28 Paul proposes explicit A/B news feed user testing and optimization, with emphasis on considering the mechanisms for reflection. After all, the press, the tech industry, and the public intellectuals all tend to share a set of common views. And those views are probably correct (says bay area techie to other bay area techies). Interesting discussion here. via Optimizing ...