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My teenage dreams of becoming a farmer one day led me to summer 2014, in which I started growing vegetables via hydroponics. These posts document my adventures: many baby plants, encounters with wildlife, water automation, and more to come.


During my senior year, three friends and I dumped our summer savings into a 2+ week long Asiatrip in an effort to expand our horizons. We toured manufacturing plants, companies and hackerspaces, visited family, and tourist-ed around in our spare time. Here are the 21 blog posts documenting the journey.

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Adventures in Hydroponics (Weeks 23-26) 2014-12-31 Automation edition Well, another semester has gone by (time flies!). Let’s see what happened to the garden! Day 163 (Nov 28, 2014) Things got busy and winter came! Wind and temperature weren’t being super kind to my plants, so they took refuge in our living room. Which might turn into a permanent home — we’ll see. Anyway, the ...

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Google’s Self-Driving Car Pals Revealed – IEEE Spectrum 2015-01-25 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, project director Chris Urmson named Continental, Roush, Bosch, ZFLS, RCO, FRIMO, Prefix, and LG as companies that had helped to build the pod-like vehicle. via Google's Self-Driving Car Pals Revealed – IEEE Spectrum. Specs: plug-in electric Roush Enterprises: from Detroit, design integration and final assembly of 100 units LG: battery ...

$2.25 Lyft Line Rides. That’s Right. — Lyft Blog 2015-01-24 Limited time only … Starting today, Lyft Line rides in San Francisco are only $2.25. … before time runs out! via $2.25 Lyft Line Rides. That’s Right. — Lyft Blog. Code: MATCHMUNI New strategy appears to be to not say when the promotion ends.

A New Partnership With Europe | Uber Blog 2015-01-18 This year, in close partnership with European cities, we can take 400,000 cars off the road, expand UberPOOL and reduce emissions, all while creating 50,000 new jobs across the continent. As with our recent initiative with the city of Boston, Uber can share smart data with partner cities to help them manage growth, reduce congestion and ...