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Following UC Berkeley PATH’s automated highway project of 1997, recent decades have seen a tremendous amount of progress in automating transportation. Tech giants, ride hailing services, and car manufacturers alike are jumping in on the scene. But why is traffic still a problem? This article is a synthesis of the progress and the challenges to come: improving safety, energy efficiency, and ease of use of transportation systems.
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This general-audience magazine article is the culmination of a summer reading group on the societal implications of technology, with an emphasis on the role and responsibility of researchers in science and engineering. With this article we pose many questions and answer very few, with the goal of sparking and sustaining a conversation among researchers on our role moving forward.
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Take a stand 2016-07-30 Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Race against yourself 2016-07-24 Growing up, my dad always told us to not compare ourselves against others. You have everything it takes to be a better you.

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Manhattan traffic jam-fest likely as UN gathers to meet 2016-09-24 The NYPD, which announced street closures beginning late Sunday, will provide security for up to 140 motorcades, with as many as 30 units protecting officials, according to a law-enforcement source familiar with the preparations. “When heads of state come to New York City, they love to shop. Fifth Avenue often becomes motorcade alley,” Schwartz said. “When ...

Insurers Unprepared for Self-Driving Car Disruption: KPMG 2016-09-24 Argument: In surveying senior U.S. insurance executives whose companies, in aggregate, account for almost $85 billion in personal and commercial auto premium, KPMG found skepticism about the potential transformation autonomous vehicles will bring in the near-term. According to KPMG, few carriers have taken action—not due to doubts about the possible ramifications, but rather because most believe the ...

The open source city as the transnational democratic future | Transnational Institute 2016-07-25 Interesting perspective on an open source operating system for a city (presented in contrast to the smart city concept): The open source city clashes head-on with the paradigm of the smart city based on proprietary technology and mass surveillance, which prevails today. The smart city model created by the big multinationals sees the city’s data as ...