Day 1: NYC to SEA, home for a night!

We got to NYC and then JFK swiftly, and there are no photos of JFK even though the airport was so shiny because photography isn’t allowed there.  My inner asian tourist had to pause a bit for that part of the journey.  On the other hand, there were little birds in at the JFK airport and, as Josh pointed out, these birds would make excellent spies because they get to skip through security.

Anyway, below is the plane to Narita that was too full for us (we’re flying standby, and yes, we stood around until the plane left), followed by the next flight we couldn’t get on.  The result of all this plane-missing is that we were starved by the time we got out of the airport, and we devoured every last bite of our Szechuan dinner, and we were joined by my friend Jason (friends in Seattle, yay!) and my family.  The dinner quickly turned into a Chinese lesson too, when we crammed to learn the names of Chinese dishes.

And the upside of all this, of course, was that I did get to see my family, albeit for just a few hours, during winter break.  Plus, a small amount of Geometry Wars and this new racing game.  I also read 1 of 120 papers.. an OK start!

Tomorrow, we try again!

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