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Of course commuters, too, make up a self-calibrating and learning system. Turning that fact to the project’s advantage, Connected Corridors has teamed up with Waze, the prime social network for commuters.


Because the project requires the coordination not only of huge data sets, but also of multiple state and local agencies, it has a large policy component as well its core technological ones. “If the agencies and governments cannot cooperate and communicate, this will not work,” says Horowitz.


For now, the system will strictly be a “decision support system.” It will advise human decision makers in real-time on what to do to improve traffic. Eventually, however, the system could be entirely automated, a “decision control system,” says Horowitz. In fact, when areas covered by computational tools become large, interconnected, and complex enough, it may be impossible for any human to understand, in real time, why a particular traffic management strategy would be optimal.

Decisions come with operator-friendly explanations?

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