Day 0: Flu shots, shopping, bus to NYC

About to embark on our trip to Asia!  I’ll be taking lots of photos and hopefully writing a bunch.  Nancy, Josh, and Julian may be writing too!  There’s this Ninja Coder toy that may be following us through our journeys, starting with posing with my EeePC and all my Facebook swag. Also, thanks to Jenelle for letting me borrow her camera on this journey!

Apparently, Facebook and Google swag make awesome gifts.  It’s stuff that we don’t spend money on (as starving college students, we’re not supposed to spend money on gifts), these are hot companies in Asia, and swag is actually pretty hard for them to acquire.

Another untested pro-tip is to wear MIT t-shirts/sweatshirts to the manufacturing plants so the plant people can take pictures with us and have “MIT” all over it.

I went to CVS for a last-minute flu shot and it turned out to be a mess through my health insurance.  Note to future self: always get the flu shot though the free and fast flu clinic that MIT offers every year.  Otherwise, you might be spending $30 and a few precious hours before leaving the country at a pharmacy.

Anyway, leaving Boston in about 1.5 hours!