Traffic Jammin’

Following UC Berkeley PATH’s automated highway project of 1997, recent decades have seen a tremendous amount of progress in automating transportation. Tech giants, ride hailing services, and car manufacturers alike are jumping in on the scene. But why is traffic still a problem? This article is a synthesis of the progress and the challenges to come: improving safety, energy efficiency, and ease of use of transportation systems. [Link to full article]

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Automating Us

This general-audience magazine article is the culmination of a summer reading group on the societal implications of technology, with an emphasis on the role and responsibility of researchers in science and engineering. With this article we pose many questions and answer very few, with the goal of sparking and sustaining a conversation among researchers on our role moving forward. [Link to full article]

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My teenage dreams of becoming a farmer one day led me to summer 2014, in which I started growing vegetables via hydroponics. These posts document my adventures: many baby plants, encounters with wildlife, water automation, and more to come.

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Day 9: Asia Optical, Ninghe electronics market, SZX to Hangzhou (HGH)


During my senior year, three friends and I dumped our summer savings into a 2+ week long Asiatrip in an effort to expand our horizons. We toured manufacturing plants, companies and hackerspaces, visited family, and tourist-ed around in our spare time. Here are the 21 blog posts documenting the journey.

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I love teaching and mentoring and take part whenever I can. Here are some of my experiences, insights, and lessons learned from teaching in a classroom setting. Image credit: jorge cham

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Credit: Neil Kremer / Flickr

Transportation News

Transportation news, curated through an EECS lense. Special interest and emphasis on autonomous vehicles, scalable solutions, cost-efficient transit (e.g. busses), innovations in infrastructure, security, IU/UX, and insights into the behavioral/legal/ethical aspects. Image credit: Neil Kremer

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