A collection of under-documented transportation-related projects. One day, one day…

shuttle-search.js (07.2013-Current)

shuttle-search.js is a webapp that is two-fold: 1) it is an easy-to-maintain visualization tool for viewing employee addresses and arbitrary shuttle routes, and 2) it is a public transit directions recommendations interface that searches for directions by incorporating both existing public transit feeds that are available to Google and (private or semi-private) shuttle feeds that are not available to Google. This is one of my Dropbox internship projects, and I am in the process of open sourcing it.
Repository [url]
Trello [url]

Hubway Time Machine (10.2012-11.2012)

We were a finalist in the Hubway Data Visualization Challenge. We wrote a visualization that allows you to roll time back or forwards (24 hours) to see how many bikes are at each station.
Our entry [url]
Live demo [TBA]


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