A collection of under-documented misc projects. One day, one day…

TimeTracker (09.2011-Current)

TimeTracker is a tool to track and quantify personal computer usage.

MIT Undergraduate Reading Group Experience (URGE) (02.2011-10.2012)

URGE is an undergraduate-level reading group program I created at MIT. During my tenure, it organize, trained, and sponsored 14 reading groups spanning 5 departments at MIT.
Program website [url]
IEEE press coverage [url]

Dropbox mobile website (06.2011-08.2011)

Another one of my internship projects at Dropbox was to re-do their mobile website. It’s still live today.
Live project [url]
Dropbox press release [url]

MIT Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory (MASLab) (01.2011)

We won an autonomous robotics competition! We designed, machined, programmed, and tested tested tested the robot almost nonstop for a month. I’ve been helping to run this¬†same robotics competition ever since.
Our report [url]
Contest highlights [url]


Distributed job scheduler




More to come!

This also talks about some of my past projects.

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