How to Berkeley

Berkeley’s online interfaces (e.g. for class registration) are very confusing as compared to what I’m used to at MIT. In case I’m not the only crazy person, here is a reference:

Bear Facts [link]: student homepage (i.e. websis)
TeleBEARS [link]: pre-registration, current class list, registration change
Class listings [EECS, EE, CS]
Grad Class listings [EE, CS]
Class schedule [CS, EE, CS-next, EE-next]: includes class time, lists special classes (CS 298 = Seminars, CS 294 = Courses, not sure where the descriptions are though)

Class schedule [link, ScheduleBuilder]: printable class schedules, clunky searchable interface for classes

EECS Grad Info [link]
EECS Grad Handbook [link]
Transfer Credit Petition [link]

Please feel free to comment with suggestions on what else to include in this reference.

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