Day 16: Asakusa, NPT to DTW to BOS

This is the last day of our journey through Asia!

Japan reminds me a lot of Las Vegas, with its glamour, its adult content.. and its horse race betting?

I walked around Asakusa (where we stayed) a bit in the morning. We stayed right next to a Buddhist (I think) temple and streets lined with little vendors. We’ve seen this kind of thing a few times now — in Hangzhou and in Shanghai — but this time, the items were more expensive and had a Japanese flare. Still cute and full of people, and it’s interesting to continue seeing this kind of thing. The American equivalent is… Fanueil Hall?

On the way to the airport, I completed my Asian transformation by putting on a dust mask as a social courtesy. It’s common for the Japanese to wear these when sick or when wanting to prevent getting sick. I happened to have one sitting in my backpack for the last 7.5 years, since the last time I was in Taiwan, and it finally came in useful. 😀

We took one last photo together at the airport, and now we’re en route back to Boston, with a connection through Detroit.  It’s been an absolutely incredible trip, and I’ll follow up with a summary soon.

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