Berkeley Science Review, Spring 2016 Issue

Traffic Jammin’: Making automated transportation a reality (full article)

by Cathy Wu

Editor: Levi Gayde

Following UC Berkeley PATH’s automated highway project of 1997, recent decades have seen a tremendous amount of progress in automating transportation. Tech giants, ride hailing services, and car manufacturers alike are jumping in on the scene. But why is traffic still a problem? This article is a synthesis of the progress and the challenges to come, focusing on challenges and ongoing research in improving safety, energy efficiency, and ease of use of transportation systems.


A self-driving taxi picks you up at home and seamlessly delivers you to work. Automated vehicles deliver your lunch and your packages; they pick up your kids from school; they magically solve the problem of finding a parking spot; and they eliminate drunk driving. Transportation is as easy as clicking a hyperlink in a browser. With minimal effort on your part, available vehicles are routed to you, intelligently balancing network congestion to quickly get you where you’re going. (Read more…)

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(The self-driving car cartoon is actually from my previous article!)

Image credits: Florian Brown-Altvater, Arend Van Dam

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